The Campus of the Academy at Peroorkada, Thiruvananthapuram is located at Peroorkada, Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, India in 12 acres of land, on a hill of sylvan splendour with a view of the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other with eco-friendly surroundings. The campus provides the following facilities.


Lecture Halls

The Lecture halls are a mixture of traditional Lecture-rooms with benches and desks and the modern class-rooms with independent individual chairs and tables. The former invokes the nostalgia of the days gone by while the latter represents the transition. All the class rooms are provided facilities for portable LCD projectors and OHP for Lecture Sessions. The tutorial, case-study and seminar methodologies are adopted for teaching. The main hall is equipped with speakers. The post graledduate class rooms are modernly equipped and have independent seating arrangements. Rooms/halls exclusively for lady students are provided in the campus for the convenience and security of lady students.

Faculty Rooms

The Director, Principal, Professors and Senior Lectures of the Academy are provided with separate independent faculty rooms and there are two other general rooms catering to the needs of the other members of the teaching faculty.

Staff Quarters

Residential Quarters are provided to teaching and non-teaching staff of the Academy within the Campus at Peroorkada. Some of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the Academy stay within the campus.

Moot Court Hall

The Moot Court Hall of the Academy is centrally air conditioned and provides venue for Moot Court activities, special lecture sessions, talks and for interaction with guests, while the seminar hall, which is also air conditioned caters to the needs of conferences, seminars and workshops.


The M.N. Govindan Nair open-air auditorium of the Academy is named in the memory of late M.N. Govindan Nair, former Minister of Kerala and veteran communist leader and former Kerala State Secretary of the United Communist Party of India. The Open-Air-Auditorium has been witness to most of the cultural events as well as academic activities.


A full fledged multi purpose stadium with all facilities inside the campus provides the play ground for the students of Academy since 1986. There is also a shuttle badminton ground and the construction of basket ball court and volleyball courts are in progress.


The Ladies Hostel inside the campus can accommodate around 120 lady students. A hostel building located inside the campus has proper fencing. Residing within the campus enables students to make maximum use of the facilities like library, playground even after working hours. All the day to day activities of the hostel are managed by the inmates themselves through a committee under the supervision and control of the resident warden. There is a Mess Committee consisting of resident students elected by the inmates. The Mess Secretary is elected by this Committee from among themselves. The Kitchen of the hostel serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. A new group will take over charge of the mess every month. The running of the hostel is on the basis of dividing system. A Common Room equipped withTelevision, telephone connection, facilities of the PCO, 24 hour security, a beautiful lawn in front of the building, shuttle cock badminton court etc., are some of the other attractive features which ensure that students get all modern amenities and security at minimum cost. The hostel has strict rules of administration and students are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations scrupulously failing which they will be subjected to disciplinary action.

The hostel facilities for men are provided inside campus only to selected students and hostel facilities for boy students are mainly outside the campus, provided by other general establishments like LMS Wills Hostel, YMCA and etc. Recreation and leisure facilities including a shuttle badminton court is provided for the inmates of the ladies campus hostel.


The main library inside the campus is housed in an independent two storied building with seating capacity of 200 students. Services of two other libraries are also provided.

Internet Facility

Internet facility through out the working time of the campus is made available to students and several on-line legal sources both international and national and compact disc formats of Supreme Court Cases, All India Reports etc are made available.


The students’ Restaurant inside the campus provides ample space for seating around 120 students at a time and has both air conditioned and non-air-conditioned areas and a special lobby and provides all types of food. The new restaurant established in 2001 had replaced the traditional Krishna Pillai’s canteen in the campus which was famous for its Parippuvada and Ullivada.

Guest Rooms

Fully air conditioned guest rooms inside the campus are intended for guests to the campus, academians, jurists and lawyers, who visit the campus for special lectures, conferences and other academic activities.