Clinical Training

Other clinical training methods including Moot Arbitration, Mock trial, Client Interviewing and counseling sessions, mock Mediation, mock negotiation, Law School Legal Aid Clinics and ADR Forums Legal Adalaths, writing and publishing research papers, legal memoranda etc, drafting legal documents, litigation papers etc, internship with lawyers and judges etc, court visits and training in courts etc are means by which professional skill development of a law student can be brought out in the law school. The Academy provides specialized training through all the aforesaid training methods to selected students who show a real and serious aptitude to learning those skills, while training on skills related to mediation, Alternative dispute resolution, settlement, Lok Adalath, drafting, Court visits are provided to all the students.

The following students of the Academy have represented India in the William C.Vis International Commercial Arbitration Competition at, Vienna, Austria.

  • 1997- Miss. Rema Smrithi V.K and Miss Preethy Mulloth
  • 1998- Miss. Brahma Sree and Miss. Rekha Pillai
  • 1999- Mr. Binu Varghese and Miss. Thushara James
  • 2000- Miss. Chanjana Elsa Philip and Miss Meena Kumari
  • 2001- Miss. Annie Ommen and Miss. Anitha Khurana
  • 2002- Mr. Arun. S and Mr. Rabi George
  • 2003- Miss. Maheswari S and Miss. Deepa Rajan
  • 2004- Mr.Suraj Philip Jacob and Mr. Vishnu Prasad
  • 2006- Miss. Tanya George and Miss. Vasundhara Ravi
  • 2008- Miss. Maithri Srikanth and Miss. Neelima G. Kumar
  • 2009- Miss. Meenakshi Prasad and Miss. Soma John

Apart from the above, Miss. Mariam Nizzar and Miss. Lakshmi Menon have represented India in the 3rd International Maritime Law Arbitration Competition in 2002 at Brisbane, Austrialia and Mr. Rejoy Raj and Mr. Arjun Mohan in the 5th International Maritime Law Arbitration in 2004 at National University of Singapore. Miss. Maheswari. S and Deepa Rajan represented India in the Lious M. Brown International Client Interviewing and Counseling Competition in April 2001 at Dunedin, New Zealand.