Academy Law Review

The Academy Law Review is a peer reviewed  research law journal which is published by the Academy in association with its Research Center. Research articles, which are approved as original, critical, substantive, thorough and indepth, by the panel of referees consisting of the Chairman of the Editorial Board and Editorial Committee, alone are selected for publication. The Chairman of the Editorial Committee is Dr. K. Parameswaran, former Professor of the Academy and former Professor of the School of Legal Thought, M.G. University, Kottayam and other members of the Editorial committee are Dr. N.K. Jayakumar, M.G. Babu Ajayakumar and others.

The first issue of the journal was released by Mr. C.H. Mohammed Koya, Minister for Education, on 15th July, 1977 and it is being continuously published since then.. Dr. Joseph minattur was the first chief editor of the Review. Dr. K. Parameswaran took charge as the chief editor of the Review in 1978 and continued till 1998. From 1998, Dr. K.N. Chandrasekhara Pillai was the chief editor for a brief period.

It is an approved research journal and the Academy Law Review is acknowledged by judges and academicians as one of the best law journals in the country. It is an interesting fact that there are only very few research law journals which are published from India on a regular basis without break or interruption. Apart from the Journal of Indian Law Institute, the Academy Law Review can claim the status of being a research law journal published continuously without break. It is a matter of pride that the Academy Law Review is being published regularly with high quality original research articles since 1977 for the past 34 years continuously without any break or interruption.

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