KLA successfully conducts Wildlife Essay Writing Competition for KLA students on 03.10.2020 as part of KLA Wildlife Week Celebrations 2020

Kerala Law Academy, Thiruvananthapuram, Wildlife Week Celebrations -Wildlife Essay Writing Competition for KLA students on 03.10.2020).

67 students of KLA registered for the Competition. The registered candidates were informed on 02.10.2010 that the topic for the competition would be published in the participants’ group between 5.30 am and 6.00 am early morning of 03.10.2020. Accordingly at 5.40 am on 03.10.2020, the following topic was published.

“Human-wildlife conflict in Kerala scenario: Problems and Solutions.”

The participants were informed that ideas can be adopted or borrowed, but any form of verbatim copying or plagiarism, will invite disqualification.

Out of the 67 registered students, 47 students participated in the Competition from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm on 03.10.2010, which was held through Google Meet and Google classroom.

Faculty members Shri K Anil Kumar, Shri N K Sasidharan, Dr S Jayaraj Kumar, Shri S Sunil Kumar, Dr Dakshina Saraswathy, Shri Arun Unnithan and Shri Nagaraj Narayanan, were the online invigilators for the competition.

Results will be announced soon.