Court Center

The Law Academy Court Center (LA Court Center) is situated adjacent to the District Court Complex, Trivandrum. Formed in 1988, Court Center functions as a training and Liaison Center of the Academy neighbouring the District Court Complex. The Court Center offers clinical and practical training to the students and lawyers. The Court Center works as an effective Liaison Center between the courts and the campus.

The Court Center is unique as it serves as an extended campus and co-ordinating Center of the Academy between the class rooms and the Court. The Court visits and practical training through work at the Civil and Criminal Courts and other specialized Tribunals and Judicial forms are planned, guided and systematically monitered through teachers, resources personnel and staff at the Court Center. Special Internship with leading lawyers at their chambers is also provided to the students. The practical training through internship and work at the Chambers of lawyers are also guided and monitored through the Center. The Center directs & guide the chamber & court visits of students and regularly monitors the practical training of the students in chamber work court visit etc. This continuous assessment system in clinical training is unique in the country. The Center gives training in client negotiation, interviewing & counseling, mediation and in techniques for effective management of law offices.

In 2004, the Court Center also started a ‘Center for Clinical Legal Training’ to provide continue of legal education to lawyers and for imparting intensive training to the aspirants for selection to judicial posts. The Clinical Legal Training Center provides proper guidance to the aspirant law graduates to enter judicial posts and gives training to equip the law graduates with necessary skills to take up posts in judicial and other services.

The Center also arranges special lectures on practical aspects of lawyering, court craft and management, court fees, stamp Act, filing procedure, para-legal work, court procedure and behavior, art of examination of witnesses, tips of trial, etc by leading lawyers to the students undergoing practical training at the Center. The Center also gives lectures on professional motivation, career selections, options, placement etc.