The Academy provides the services of three libraries. The main library in the campus is located in an independent spacious two storied building which provide reading space to accommodate around two hundred students at a time and providing substantial number of titles and volumes and various law journals including the following

  1. Madras Law Journal
  2. All India Reporter,
  3. Kerala Law Times
  4. Kerala Law Journal
  5. Criminal Law Journal
  6. Supreme Court Cases
  7. International Legal Materials
  8. American Journal of International Law
  9. Harvard Journal of International Law
  10. British Year book of International Law
  11. International and Comparative Law Quarterly (UK)
  12. International Law Reports
  13. Indian Cases
  14. Constituent Assembly Debates
  15. Transfer of Power Documents
  16. Journal of Indian Law Institute
  17. Cochin University Law Journal
  18. Annual Survey of India Law,
  19. All India Service Law Journal,
  20. Consumer Protection Judgments,
  21. Corporate Courier,
  22. Income Tax Reporter,
  23. Indian Dissertations Abstracts,
  24. Indian Socio-Legal Journal,
  25. Current Central Legislation
  26. Judgment Today,
  27. MIPR

The library also provides online service to paid p national and international legal resources and hard disk – CD format of All India Reporter and Supreme Court cases. Photostat and Computer facilities are available in the Library. Further all facililities for students to download legal materials at reasonable cost are made available. The Library functions from 9 AM to 8.30 PM on all working days.

A second library in the campus provides lending service of commentaries, treatises and text books of important authors. Books are lent only to students charging no additional fee, to be returned within one month charging fine on delay.

The third library is the research library at Punnen road, access to which is limited to research students, post graduate students and students preparing research papers for publication and preparing for important moot court and other clinical competitions, legal conferences etc, and it is one of the best libraries in Administrative /Public Law in India providing the following foreign journals.

  • Harvard Law Review (U.S)
  • Yale Law Journal (U.S)
  • Columbia Law Review (U.S)
  • Arizona Law Review (U.S)
  • Australian Law Journal (Australia)
  • Australian Law Reports (Australia)
  • Public Law (U.K)
  • Modern Law Review (U.K)
  • Law Quarterly Review (U.K)
  • Law and Contemporary Problems (Duke University, U.S)
  • Current Legal Problems (U.K)
  • Cambridge Law Journal (U.K)
  • Annual Survey of Commonwealth Law (U.K)
  • Commonwealth Law Reports (U.K)
  • Halsburys Laws of England (4th edition)
  • Legal Philosophy Series
  • North Dakota Law Review (U.S)
  • All England Law Reports (U.K)
  • U.S Supreme Court Cases.
  • Administrative Law Review (U.K)
  • Canadian Law Review
  • Canadian Bar Review.
  • Canberra Law Review
  • Kentucky Law Journal.
  • Sessions Law of Kansas
  • Waseda Bulletin of Comparative Law.
  • Waseda Proceedings of comparative Law.