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NSS Work Report 2014-15

Widespread student participation in all the activities has been the hallmark of the administration of the law Academy Law College. This has been achieved by a truly democratic approach adopted by the college authorities towards the students and their problems. No institutional barriers, no emotional chasm, exist between the students and the college administration. The initiative of the students has always been sought for and encouraged, thereby giving ample scope for the expression of their creative talents and constructive ideas. It is because of this sense of involvement of the students, that the Academy Law College has been able to avoid, all through the years, paralyzing strikes, violent clashes and recurring turmoil which have afflicted many other institutions in our State from time to time.

Excessive political activities of the students have some times been ascribed as the reason for campus violence and student unrest. Academy Law College, perhaps has got a larger proportion of students interested in politics than any other college in the State and because of this it ought to have experienced the highest degree of student unrest and faced the fiercest struggles. This has not happened and the college has always been able to maintain a peaceful campus atmosphere. It therefore, appears that the danger does not lie in politics as such, but in the inept handling of student management relations leading to a permanent divide between the two with the consequent sense of alienation among the students and frustration on the part of the college authorities.

A Center Catering to the Service of the Students functions in the Campus providing various facilities for the students. The Center provides advice on career options, placements and advanced studies. Various other bodies also function in the campus for the advancement of the creative and extracurricular talents of the students. The Law Academy Sports Association (LASPORT) and Law Academy Cultural Association (LACULT) are independent student bodies constituted to cater to the needs of the students in the field of sports and arts respectively. Special training given by the LACULT had enabled the students of Academy to be the runners up in the Kerala University Youth Festival in 1990-1991. The effect of LACULT also showed in the results of several other Youth Festivals and cultural events and encouraged. Motivation through LACULT promoted several students to be winners in various arts competitions and gave them upper hand in such competitions. Jude, a former student was placed first in mimicry for three consecutive years in the University Youth Festival while being a student of the Academy. Similarly Joseph Wilson, a former student won first prize in Mimicry for five consecutive years, film actor Mukesh and Mahesh Panju were first prize winners in Monoact, for consecutive years at the University level. There were several other such consecutive winners like Reju Joseph, Reji, Ignatious, Venugopal, Shyam in music, poem recitation and musical instruments, etc.

LASPORTS had helped in building up quality teams and in training teams for the Academy in Cricket, Football, Basket ball, etc. The encouragement and promotion through LASPORTS resulted in the production of several international, national and state level players from the Academy. P.V. Wilson, Indian International in athletics, Thomas Kallarikal, Indian International in Basket ball, were some of the international names from the Academy. The annual Trivandrum District Professional Colleges Cricket Tournament was a regular feature till 2001.

‘Excel-1992’, the ‘All Kerala Professional Colleges Arts Festival Meet’ organized by the LACULT and ‘LA-STRIDES 1991’ the ‘All kerala Law Colleges Sports Meet’ organized by the LASPORTS, were unique and one of its kind in the arts and sports history of Kerala.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) Unit of the Academy is a well knit and effective unit and had earned several laurels in the past. The National Service Scheme unit of the Academy has provided substantial opportunity to the students of Academy for leadership development and social service. The regular features of the unit in the past has been undertaking social service work at the Mental Hospital, Ollanpara, and Central Jail, Poojapura, Thiruvananthapuram, apart from taking up several other service activities.

The College students Union, which is a democratically elected body also provides opportunities for the students to exhibit their creative talents and develop their innate abilities. The Students Union conducts arts festivals and arts competitions, cultural festivals, sports competitions in cricket, football, basketball, athletics, shuttle badminton, which are hotly contested and the open Air Auditorium and stadium of the Academy are venues for these competitions, apart from conducting debates and literary competitions.