Kerala Law Academy

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The Academy from its very early days never failed to take a keen interest in contemporary socio-politico-legal problems. The Academy has been in the forefront of organizing State Level and National Level seminars on important and relevant topics of Law and justice and on current legal issues of importance. Several stalwarts in the field of law, jurists and academicians of repute have attended/ participated in these Seminars. The Academy also regularly holds seminars on research methodology, legal education, and other subjects and conducts proceedings for law reform. On 12th October, 1968, a discussion on the validity of the Essential Services Maintenance Ordinance was organized at Hassan Marikkar Hall. Adv. G.P. Mohanachandran, Adv. G. Janardana Kurup and Adv. A.M. Mathew participated in the discussion.

Another interesting event was the symposium on Public Men’s Enquiries Bill held on 2nd July, 1969, at the V.J.T. Hall. Mr. E.M.S. Namboodiripad, Mr. M.N. Govidan Nair and K. Chandrasekharan participated in the debate. Justice P. Govinda Menon presided over this symposium. The Indian Express wrote on the next day “…enlightened public of Trivandrum had an opportunity to listen to the battle of wits of three United Front leaders about the controversial Public Men’s Enquiries Bill.”

Seminar on Land Reforms on 17.07.1970 and 24.01.1971, in which K.J. Jacob (then Revenue Minister), C.B.C. Warrier, K.V.K. Warrier and K.S. Rajamony participated, a major seminar on legal education in 1970, Seminar on Worker’s Participation in Management in 1975, a five day workshop for law teachers on clinical legal education in 1982, Seminar on ‘De-centralization of Administration of Justice; Disputes Involving Centers of High Education’- discussing the proposed Central Educational Tribunal on 18.05.1987, Seminar on Legal Education in India: Problems and Prospects’ held on 25.11.1987 at V J T Hall in which Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon, participated, , and an All India Conference on Legal Education in 1992 are some among the major events worth mentioning.