2nd  DAS NATIONALE GESETZ FEST by Kerala Law Academy, Trivandrum [Mar 24th – 26th ]: Register by Mar 15th.

The National Law Fest will be held over a 3-day period from 24th to 26th of March 2022 by the Kerala Law Academy Law College through online platforms like ZOOM and GOOGLE MEET. The fest is being conducted with the dual purpose of providing students a platform to showcase their talents and also to help improve their knowledge. Participants will be given the chance to win cash awards in various events organized under the umbrella of the Law Fest. The fest shall comprise a series of competitions/events. All of these events will be conducted through an online medium.

24th to 26th March 2022

Last date of Registration:
15th March 2022

  • Let’s Teach
  • Lex Eureka (Legal Quiz)
  • The Best Minds (Debate Competition)
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Cultural Events
    • LAS Film Festival (Short Film Festival)
    • Group Dance (Thematic/Fusion)
    • Unplugged Instrumental Solo (Guitar/ Violin)

General Rules

1. Eligibility

  • The participant must either be a bonafide student pursuing a Three Year/Five Year LL.B. Degree Programme from a Law College/University recognized by the Bar Council of India or a student pursuing a course of study from any College/University recognized by the Government of India.
  • ‘Let’s Teach’ is open to Research Scholars as well as participants pursuing LL.M from any Law College/ Law Schools and Faculties/Universities, Departments of Law in India recognized by the Bar Council of India.

2. Registration


  • An individual who wishes to participate in the National Law Fest 2022 shall register through the WhatsApp number provided for the respective event (present in the rules of each competition/event) by 15th March 2022 .
  • The fee structure: Registration fees for each event in the National Law Fest 2022 are provided in the rules of the respective event.
  • Once an individual from a College/University has registered themselves for an event then he/she CANNOT alter their registration.

Course Of Event

  • The participants in each event are requested to ensure that they have completed the registration process before the start of the Inaugural Function.
  • The competition is conducted through online platforms Zoom and Google Meet. The meeting ID, Password, and Link will be communicated to the participants before the event by the organizers of the respective event.
  • All participants should have good access to the internet and be able to access the above said online platform with a good camera. This is a mandatory requirement for participation.
  • Participants are to use Laptops and Smartphones with good cameras during the course of the events. The use of Laptops is mandatory for Trial Advocacy and ADR Competitions. And the same though not compulsory is preferred for the rest.


  • The winner of an individual competition gets a total of 100 points while the runner-up gets 50 points.
  • The winners of a team competition get a total of 70 points while the runners up get 35 points.
  • The Law College/University which has the highest points overall will win the 2nd DAS NATIONALE GESETZ FEST 2022 Trophy.
  • E- Certificates will be given to all participants. E- Certificate of Merit will be given to the winners as well as to the runners-up. The winners of each competition will be given a cash prize too.

Event Links

For rules, competition format, and proforma for registration of the individual events, click on the links given below

Contact Information

For further queries write to dasnationalegesetzfest[at]gmail.com or contact any of the following:


  1. Adv. Radhika. R.P (Assistant Professor): 9656830914
  2. Adv. Priya M.K (Assistant Professor): 9633311359
  3. Adv. Sakthi Prabha (Assistant Professor): 9495897855
  4. Mrs. Salini A.P (Assistant Professor): 8527861463


  • Mr. Anil Kumar G. (Professor): 9447005946
  • Dr.Dakshina Sarawathy  (Assistant Professor): 9744169215
  • Adv. Renjith R. Nair (Assistant Professor): 9074874113
  • Adv. Arya Sunil Paul (Assistant Professor): 9495178906
  • Mrs. Darsana S. Thampi (Assistant Professor): 8086406054


  • Mrs. Ajitha Nair L. (Associate Professor): 9496196638
  • Mrs. Reshma Soman N. (Assistant Professor): 9447250166
  • Mr. Arun V. Unnithan (Assistant Professor): 9446348413
  • Mrs. Renjini P.S (Assistant Professor): 7994708480


  1. Mr. Ajay Y (Student Convenor, MCS) – 9746525734
  2. Ms. Sruthi Kannan (Student Joint Convenor, MCS) – 8921194385
  3. Mr. Hrishikesh Jayasaram  (Student Joint Convenor, MCS) – 7025263839


  1. Nandakishore A
  2. Ashik Muhammad
  3.  Midhul
  4. Sreeraj Sivarajan
  5. Goutham Ganesh
  6. Adarsh
  7. Fida Ashraf